Falling in love with cinema again ✨

Falling in love with cinema again ✨

I think when you don’t do something for a long time, the longer you put off doing it again, the scarier it seems. For some reason, the whole experience of going to the cinema had become something stressful for me rather than something to do for fun.

But after a really (REALLY) sucky day yesterday, I just got this overwhelming feeling that I needed to completely divert my brain for a few hours at least. It was too late to see a show and I was standing in the middle of Piccadilly Circus thinking, “there must be SOMETHING I can do to make this day the tiniest bit better???” I then realised I was literally staring right at Picturehouse Central – the swankiest of cinemas, I might add. It’s a gorgeous building but for some reason I’d never really taken it in on my daily hurry through Piccadilly.

To put this into context, it had been well over a year since I’d last been to the cinema, so the fact that this building lured me in is HUGE.

The minute I walked in, I knew I’d made the right choice. For someone who developed a weird fear of going to the cinema, I LOVE popcorn, so that sudden smell of popcorny goodness was a dream.

I realised that Oceans’ 8 was playing, a film that stars some of my absolute faves in the film industry. After the horrible day I’d had, a film where the ultimate girl squad performs a masterclass robbery at the Met Gala sounded like the perfect antidote.

I suppose I just wanted to write this to remind myself (and maybe even a few other people), that just because something you once loved doing has disappeared from your life, it doesn’t have to be gone forever. Since moving to London, I’ve been able to conquer so many of my fears and embrace so much of what this incredible city has to offer. Within the madness that is Soho on a Saturday night, I could have been anywhere in the world in that cinema – that’s the feeling I’d missed so much.

It also undoubtedly helped that this is definitely the most gorgeous cinema I’ve ever been to. If you’re looking for night at the cinema that feels extra special, Picturehouse Central is the one to go to. I found myself almost reluctant to leave afterwards which is why I decided to take these snaps of the dreamy interiors. There’s such a calm yet buzzy atmosphere in the building and with a grand staircase and chic bar/restaurant upstairs, it’s much more like going to the theatre than a cinema.

For many, going to the cinema may be an enjoyable yet slightly mundane experience if you always go to your local. If you want to add back in some of the magic of the movies, I highly recommend going to Picturehouse Central. As someone who has loved watching films her whole life, I was genuinely worried that going to the cinema was just something I’d have to accept I couldn’t do anymore. So I’m beyond happy that I now know I’ve got somewhere as lovely as this to escape for a few hours when I need it.

I’m already planning when to go back and am so pleased to be smitten with cinema once again.

Olivia Rose 🌹

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