Rosy Roundup – In The Heights (Stockwell Playhouse)

Rosy Roundup – In The Heights (Stockwell Playhouse)

When I heard that In The Heights was coming to the Stockwell Playhouse, I was so excited.

I was introduced to this musical a few years ago by my wonderful friend Olli, and it was the first Lin Manuel Miranda piece I’d seen. For those who might not know, In The Heights was Lin Manuel Miranda’s great success before Hamilton was unleashed into the world.

This vibrant musical, set in Washington Heights, New York, is presented here by RicNic London – a charity which gives young people the opportunity to present full-scale productions. What’s unique about this company is that it’s free to get involved and the productions are created and performed entirely by 16-21 year olds. Pretty cool, right?

The cast delivered the piece with so much energy and I love watching performers who are genuinely enjoying themselves onstage. To avoid missing anyone, I don’t want to single out specific performers but trust me when I say there are some CRAZY good vocals in this cast. They sing with real spark in their eyes and there are many moments throughout that are really moving.

In The Heights is full of so many great numbers, including “Breathe” which is actually one of my favourite musical theatre songs. It’s also such a fast-paced piece, with a huge amount of material and plot to portray, (if you’re familiar with Hamilton, you’ll know what I mean!) and so to see it so well-executed by such a young company was hugely impressive.

With an enigmatic young cast and a really slick band, showcasing Lin Manuel Miranda’s genius in all its glory, you really don’t want to miss this one.

You’ve only got until Saturday 25th August to catch it, so get down to the Stockwell Playhouse before you miss this absolute gem of a show!

You can book tickets for RicNic’s In The Heights at the Stockwell Playhouse here.

(Their opening night, Wednesday 22nd August, SOLD OUT, so get booking!)

For more information on RicNic and the great work they do, you can visit their website here.

Olivia Rose 🌹

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