What’s on my Rosy Radar?

What’s on my Rosy Radar?

So it’s been a minute since I’ve posted on here! The last few weeks have been a bit mad, with stagey announcements and openings left, right and centre.

So, I thought I’d share what’s currently on my “Rosy Radar” at the moment…

First up are some things I’ve already had the pleasure of watching and think you should check out too:

Unexpected Joy at the Southwark Playhouse

I ended up seeing this fairly last minute and am so pleased that I did. It’s a brand new musical and I’ve honestly never seen anything like it. If you looked at the synopsis written down, you’d probably be pretty alarmed that it’s a musical and not a heavy family drama, as the piece touches on so many different and very “real” issues. I’m being purposefully vague as I think I loved this show largely because I went in with no preconceptions, and had no idea what the next scene would hold. You’re just going to have to take my word for it and believe the title of the show.

The cast of 4 astounding women, each vocal powerhouses in their own unique way, consists of Janet Fullerlove, Jodie Jacobs, Melanie Marshall and Kelly Sweeney. For the vocals and music alone you’d have a great evening out, but the story was honestly so clever and had me belly laughing then welling up just minutes later.

It’s running at the Southwark Playhouse until 29th September 2018 so it’s one that’s really worth trying to catch before it’s too late. For some reason people are so apprehensive about new musicals, as though despite reaching a stage where we’re embracing more diverse styles of music and finally portraying a wider spectrum of human experiences than ever before, that writers might have somehow lost the knack? It’s time we had more faith in new work and took a risk, and if you’re wondering how to take the plunge – this show is a pretty good place to start.

Club A cappella at The Other Palace

Guyyyyyyyyyys. I had so much fun at this. It was part of a series hosted by WeAreTrackless, and showcases the best a cappella groups in the UK.

If you don’t know (but I’m sure it will come to no surprise), I’m a HUGE a cappella nerd. Like, think Ben Platt’s character in Pitch Perfect level nerd. It’s wonderful. From my days being a Pitch Perfect wannabe and running an a cappella group at school (we were iconic), I can appreciate the huge amount of work that goes into writing the arrangements and creating a tight sound. I will also never not be crazily impressed by anyone that can beatbox. My mind was b l o w n.

If you want to watch some seriously skilled performers and be slightly baffled for a few hours that what your hearing is all 100% live right in front of you, you’re in luck! The next Club A Cappella is on Sunday 21st October, at The Other Palace again in their studio space, and will sell out really soon so make sure you book your tickets!

Heathers at the Theatre Royal Haymarket

I’ve shared how much I love Heathers a fair few times on this blog, but if anything has been on my ‘Rosy Radar’, it’s this show.

With a new song, additional dialogue, even more killer choreography, the production team have done such an incredible job to adapt the show to suit the Theatre Royal Haymarket for its West End transfer, following a sell-out run at The Other Palace. I’m so excited for even more people to discover the beauty of Heathers.

All I can say without repeating myself again is go see it go see it go see it go see it go see it. You’ve only got until 24th November and there are some cracking deals around for tickets so honey, watcha waitin’ for???

*** If any hardcore Corn Nuts are here and want even MORE Heathers content, check out my interview with Laurence O’Keefe, one of the composers of the show and my ‘Rosy Roundup’ of the show after I somehow found myself watching the dress rehearsal ahead of their run at The Other Palace) ***

And now, a few shows that haven’t opened yet but are most DEFINITELY on my ‘Rosy Radar’:

Company at the Gielgud Theatre

Struggled to start writing this one. I only realised quite how excited I was to see this when I saw a poster for the show on the tube and squealed a little bit. I will proudly admit to being well and truly obsessed with Stephen Sondheim and his work, so when I saw Marianne Elliot was involved and oh yeah QUEEN PATTI LUPONE, it’s safe to say I was on board pretty quickly.

I cannot wait to experience this show in a completely new way as they’ve changed the lead from a male “Bobby”, to a female “Bobbie” starring the incredible Rosalie Craig. There’s so much buzz around this production already and it really feels like something special is about to happen in the West End.

Company opens at the Gielgud Theatre on 26th September and will run until 22nd December 2018.

Movie musicals galore

Okay this isn’t actually the title of a musical (I just like the word galore). But recently there’s been a huge wave of movies being adapted into musicals and some that I am SO excited to see develop. There have been talks of a Mrs Doubtfire musical, a Nanny McPhee musical and even adaptations of 13 Going On 30 and 17 Again in the works. I’m really intrigued to see where all these projects will go and no doubt we’ll be hearing more from them soon.

I would LOVE to hear if there are any particular shows that you just can’t stop talking/tweeting/singing about. I’m considering posting a “What’s on my Rosy Radar?” every month or so, so if you liked this post and would be interested in another one then let me know!

I’ve got some *really* exciting interviews that I can’t wait to share, with some creatives who I have huge respect for, so check back soon!

Olivia Rose 🌹

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