Hey there!

I’m Olivia Rose Dowden and this is my blog;

Rose’s Supposes.

So a lil’ bit about me… I’m a female creative living in London, and am probably far too theatrical for my own good. My first pet was a hamster called Artie (because of Half A Sixpence, duh) and I am proudly obsessed with Stephen Sondheim. * To reiterate, in my school General Knowledge Quiz, they did a Mastermind round where my special subject was “The Original Broadway Production of Into The Woods.” Nailed it, didn’t I. * Chuck in a childhood based around watching movie musicals, a sumptuous collection of scores and cast recordings thanks to having a singing teacher for a mum, and the mere existence of Bernadette Peters, and ding ding ding you’ve got yourself a theatre nerd.

Nice to meet you.

So now we’ve established the important stuff, I’m a writer, a performer and all-round creative soul with some big old dreams. I love creating things; whether that’s theatre, music, somethin’ artsy fartsy with graphics n stuff, or arranging a cappella medleys, (true tho) you’ll usually find me making stuff.

This blog is my own little rosy corner of the internet where I’m gonna be throwing all my  theatrical thoughts at you. Hope that’s cool. There will be puns, so don’t worry.

I’ve been lucky enough to have met and interviewed some incredible creative beings (composers, directors, performers) since moving to London, who massively inspire me. I’m properly nosey, so I hope you enjoy getting an insight into the careers of industry professionals as I did when speaking to them. You’ll find all of these in my Interviews section.

There’s also my Rosy Roundups, where I’ve got so much to say about something that a simple tweet just won’t do. Now, full disclosure: when I first started this blog and was still figuring out what I wanted it to be, I wrote about shows and events. These included shows like the incredible touring production of Titanic that I still rave about to people even a year later. Posts like this may still happen if I’m so blown away by a show that I just can’t help sharing my thoughts on it, but it will by no means be a review. There are proper critics for that, so my rambly roundups are more of an in-depth response to something I’ve seen that just can’t quite be expressed in gif form (although I’ll probably give it a go.)

And of COURSE, as the name of this blog suggests, I’ll be sharing my Supposes with you. It was meant to be a reference to the song ‘Moses Supposes’ from Singin’ In The Rain, but with Rose instead because it’s my middle name. Kind of clever? Sort of? Not really? But hey, it rhymes. In my supposes, I’ll be sharing my thoughts, opinions and a general insight into my theatrical stream of consciousness. Buckle up.

So that’s me. Wild that you’re still reading. If you are, I think you’re gonna like it here.

If you just can’t get enough of this riveting content, you can find me on Twitter at @OliviaDowden. For tweets that are more specifically related to Rose’s Supposes, it’s @ORose_Supposes. I’m also on Instagram at @oliviardowden for my personal account and @orose_supposes for the blog. 

Or if ya feelin’ fancy, feel free to send me an email at rosessupposesblog@gmail.com

Olivia Rose 🌹